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How Does Pilates Work?

Pilates will quickly strengthen your muscles and increase joint flexibility, allowing you to stand taller and move more freely. Pilates starts from the body’s core with  isolated movements then works into maximum ranges of motion to  challenge you as well as to create more functional and efficient muscle-strength.  While continually building strength and improving joint function and stability, your level of body-awareness dramatically improves making both simple and complex movements more natural. This increase of efficiency and control throughout your body will improve posture, balance and coordination. Your energy level will go up as your clothing size goes down! While Pilates is not considered a cardiovascular exercise program, the traditional Pilates method is executed with such precision and focus on the deeper more intrinsic muscles that they will tighten and lengthen around the bones, creating a longer and leaner body type. Pilates can add the missing piece to your exercise program, without jarring impact, and at a very low risk of injury.  You will leave every session feeling strong and invigorated, not exhausted. 


Our Mission is to help you reach and exceed your fitness and lifestyle goals. If you are recovering from an injury or just want to relieve your aches and pains, Pilates can help you figure out how! We all have imbalances, some are subtle and occur in everyday activities like driving and working at a computer. Others can be complex and related to certain athletic activity. Once you identify which muscles are over compensating it becomes possible to strengthen the weaker muscles,  create balance and prevent tightness and injury. We are working to create an environment where you can comfortably learn, increase your body awareness, and reach your goals.  

Face Masks are not required but still appreciated.  

Please consider your fellow students and teacher, and cancel if you aren't feeling well.


9109 Laguna Main St.

Laguna West Plaza #115

Elk Grove, CA 95758


Mon - Fri: 10AM - 8PM

Sat: 9AM - 4PM

Sun: 9AM-12PM


9109 Laguna Main St. #115 Elk Grove, California 95758

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